Before contacting us, see below to see if we have already answered any of your frequently asked questions!

I have a wide range of pigment colours that can be mixed to create your perfect shade. You can also bring along your favourite lipstick/liner and I can colour match it for you. Please be aware that your skin tone, lip colour and personal preference plays a part in the pigment choice.

Please use SPF daily and avoid direct sun exposure for long periods of time for best results.

No, unfortunately not. We cannot tattoo outside of your natural lip line as it will result in the tattoo healing unevenly. However, this treatment does help the lips to appear fuller.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different but most of my clients feel very minimal discomfort. Numbing cream is used prior to starting the treatment to help you feel comfortable throughout.

No, please do not shape your brows in any way 2 weeks before your appointment. We will shape your brows for you on the day of your appointment.

Yes you can! Lip Filler really compliments Lip Blush. Filler stretches the lip skin and eliminates wrinkles and natural creases making it much easier for us to evenly implant pigment into the lip skin. Lip Blush helps to restore lost pigmentation, especially along the borders and corners of the lips where this is most common. Please ensure 4 weeks is left either side of each treatment. This time is needed to allow any swelling to subside and to ensure your lips have recovered from the trauma caused by the treatment.